Daniel Wilson

Greg Andrukow

Proteum Energy Director

Greg is known as an innovator, outside the box forward-thinker and leads thru perpetual greatness (if it’s not broke, fix it). Greg is a business coach and is involved in several businesses:

Ag Capital Canada – General partner in a VC that aims to make a lasting impact on the Canadian Ag Industry by helping build healthy and profitable companies.

Bio Stream – Director / shareholder – Diagnostic company that commercializes technical and IT solutions

Stream ML – Director / shareholder – developing machine learning tools to simplify businesses opportunities

Straight Vac Services – President and leader in oilfield logistics and operations.

SDMC Ag Inc. – President of a management / consulting company that invests in disruptive technology.

Past History:
Previously, Greg was President / CEO and major shareholder of Andrukow Group Solutions Inc. (AGSI), a leader in the ag retail community for 37 years. Prior to its sale in 2016, AGSI was one of the largest independent ag retailers in North America. AGSI was instrumental in leading the industry through its various innovations, including developing one of the first high clearance sprayers, implementing variable rate seed and fertilizer application technology and creating apps to make it possible for customers to load themselves 24/7. Greg has been involved in several voluntary boards that help support small local communities.