Terry Kennon

Terry Kennon

Executive Vice President and CTO

Mr. Kennon serves as Proteum Energy’s President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) where he leads all new technology development and commercialization activities as well as directs legal staff in the development and execution of the company’s intellectual property strategy. Terry assumed the President role in March of 2019, prior to which he served as CTO for approximately 4 years.

Terry brings over 30 years of technical, financial and strategic experience as a chemical engineer, investment banker, and alternative energy entrepreneur. His varied professional background has allowed him to gain extensive cross-functional experience across several industry sectors including alternative and renewable energy.

Before joining Proteum Energy, Terry was a co-founding partner of Merica International LLC, a renewable energy company. Merica Group companies combined proprietary biomass to liquid (BTL) gasification technology and sustainable plantation forestry for the production of Fischer-Tropsch renewable diesel.

Terry gained further leadership experience in the alternative energy industry at J.P. Morgan where he was Sector Head for Biofuels in the Alternative Energy Investment Banking Group. Terry developed and executed J.P. Morgan’s biofuels sector plan, advised clients regarding strategic and capital alternatives, and led the execution of debt and equity transactions.

Terry received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech and his MBA from Cornell University where he was selected by faculty for an Albert Fried Fellowship.