Trevin Vaughn

Trevin Vaughn

Proteum Energy Director

Trevin Vaughn serves as the Managing Partner of Red Team Investments and the CEO of EnergyX. Mr. Vaughn provides strategic vision and operational alignment for both companies.

Red Team Investments is a private company focused on funding, guiding, and integrating early-stage companies with unique technology specifically valuable to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The 4IR revolutionizes every industry and is driven by technological advancements in AI, edge computing, blockchain, nano-tech, and robotics. Red Team’s focus and strategy center around the intersection of energy, technology, and data.

EnergyX is a modular data center company that provides solutions for high-performance computing markets such as video processing, AI, and blockchain. EnergyX is unique because its modularity allows assets to be powered by distressed energy markets, creating opportunities to reduce carbon emissions for oil and gas producers and enhance renewable energy projects’ economics. EnergyX is a bridge between a quickly growing compute market and a changing energy industry.

Mr. Vaughn began his career in the oil & gas industry, working at both upstream and midstream companies. His experience includes marketing, operations, finance, accounting, and IT. Mr. Vaughn started Red Team over three years ago and invested in cryptocurrency processing servers, which returned over 50%+ of the invested capital in the first month of operations. He draws from his diverse background to provide a comprehensive project perspective while facilitating detailed insights relative to engineering, operations, customers, and investors. His strategic approach and extensive network facilitate excellent deal flows combined with creative deal structures.

Trevin and his wife, Missy, have been married for ten years and have five children. The family enjoys a variety of outdoor activities and is heavily involved in scouting through Trail Life and American Heritage Girls.