By FuelCellsWorks July 3, 2021

PHOENIXProteum Energy, LLC launched its presence in the hydrogen industry on June 9, 2021 with a presentation by its Chief Executive Officer, Laurence B. Tree II, to a full house at the American Hydrogen Forum in Houston.

Tree’s discussion was entitled “SnMR™ A New Steam Reforming Technology for Hydrogen Production” in which he explained how Proteum Energy’s SnMR technology is unique from the industry standard, steam methane reformation (SMR). Unlike SMR, which processes only methane, SnMR can reform lower-cost “y-grade ethane” feedstock, which is often rejected due to market and cost constraints, to produce hydrogen and designer fuels at lower cost and carbon intensity.

Tree shared a three-dimensional representation of Proteum Energy’s modular SnMR, which supports a distributed hydrogen production model where low-cost reformers can be located near users at midstream plants with pre-existing infrastructure.