Article by Proteum Energy's Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Robert Rapier

Robert Rapier | Senior Contributor | Forbes

This week I filled up with gasoline, and the price was over $3.00 a gallon. It’s been a long time since I paid that much for gasoline. In fact, I checked the data at the Energy Information Administration (EIA) to see the last time weekly gasoline prices were above $3.00/gal. It was in May 2018, during President Trump’s second year in office.

In the previous two articles, I addressed some beliefs relating to presidents and gasoline prices. One of the strongest current beliefs is that President Trump came into office and took decisive actions that drove down gasoline prices. President Biden, the belief goes, has now taken actions that have driven up gasoline prices.

This topic was covered in the previous articles (here and here), but today I want to address the data. Where were gasoline prices during the presidencies of the last three men to hold office? I will also provide commentary on major factors that influenced those prices.

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