Article by Proteum Energy's Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Robert Rapier

Robert Rapier | Senior Contributor | Forbes | 3.6.2021

This past week the national average price for regular gasoline rose to $2.71 per gallon. That marks an increase of $0.46/gallon since the beginning of the year.

On a daily basis I see accusations on social media that this price rise is a consequence of Joe Biden winning the presidential election. I am going to explain why this is ludicrous, but I would pose the following to those who believe this to be the case.

Since Biden’s inauguration, daily Covid-19 cases have fallen by two-thirds. Daily deaths are down by nearly half. Is Joe Biden responsible for this? If you say “No”, or you feel the need to hedge or qualify your answer, then you probably realize that cause and effect isn’t quite as simple as that. The same holds true for gasoline prices.

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